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    Product Overview

    NobiPower-PW is a powerful product specially designed for the frequent changes of power factor in power supply system. The most prominent feature of NobiPower-PW is its high-precision dynamic adjustment for the power system power factor and efficient purification of grid harmonic, thereby to promote the transmission and utilization efficiency of the whole power system, which leads to the improvement of power quality, protection of electrical equipment, extension of the service life etc.


    Basic principle

    NobiPower-PW is a new model of continuously adjustable bidirectional compensating device, which compares system voltage Us and NobiPower-PW output voltage U to provide inductive reactive or capacitive reactive power. The main circuit is composed of voltage inverter of IGBT-based intelligent modules, and can lock the phase with system; with optimized specific harmonic elimination technique to provide high-quality sinusoidal voltage and current. It also provide specially processed plug-in keyboard input, data display and query, and communication with the host unit. As to the control strategy, the device introduced current indirect control and adaptive-based self-tuning PID adjustment algorithm to meet the requirements of device stability.



    ?Automatic compensation equipment to settle the misuse that result from human misjudgment or intervention, and reduce the burden of duty to ensure the rationality of reactive power.


    ?The devices can be divided into 1-6 groups switching, with reasonable capacitor bank and high compensation accuracy, which leads to small impact on the grid;


    ?The judgment depend on the reactive power demand, according to the demand amount of total load reactive to switch the capacitor bank in time to achieve reactive power balance, which would avoid the oscillation at critical point caused by over-compensation and reactive back-sent;


    ?The device is equipped with intelligent controller, which leads to safe, reliable, easy operation, highly automated and other advantages. LCD display is capable of the real-time acquisition and display of voltage, current, power factor, active power, reactive power, and be able to plot graphics of switching capacity, voltage pass rate, statistics of harmonics and reactive power. The perfect protection and fault diagnosis, alarm function and adaptive characteristics, would be suitable for unmanned substations.


    ?The device control section has a RS-485 communication interface and is able to connect to the substation automated system network to implement the control and management of on-site, back-end machine and altitude in manual or automatic operation mode, with five-remote function:


    ? The main circuit of the devices has a in series reactor, which can effectively resist the closing surge and high-order harmonic;
    ? Improve the user's voltage quality, reducing the voltage fluctuations and flickers


    ? Continuously adjustment of reactive power to achieve power factor above 0.95 at full range, energy conservation.
    ? Can be used alone or conjunction with others, depending on site specific circumstances of the electrical parameters, according to the harmonic current ratio of the device application point (high harmonic ratio, low power factor) to determine the devices that can resist main harmonic (more than one simultaneously)


    Application Range

    1 Applicable for all inductive load;
    2 Improve the system power factor and power efficiency,for frequent changes in power factor, low power efficiency places;
    3 Used for branch bus, power distribution, and low-voltage main distribution room;
    4 For 3-10KV current grid

    NobiPower-PW is a powerful product specially designed for the frequent changes of power factor in power supply system. The most prominent feature of NobiPower-PW is its high-precision dynamic adjustme
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