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    Motor saver – General edition



    Product overview

    MOTOR C0NTROLIER series motor energy-saving equipment product is a new generation motor energy-saving control product. It applies digital control technology based on micro-processor and built-in dedicated energy-saving optimization control software to regulate the voltage and current of the motor operation dynamically. Without changing motor speed, it ensures that the motor output torque exactly matches the loading requirement, so that the energy waste caused by motor excessively apply work is effectively avoided with prominent power-saving feature.

    Meanwhile, with perfect soft startup and soft stop functions, MOTOR C0NTROLIER can ensure motor continuous and smooth startup, eliminating the mechanical shock and large startup current caused by normal motor startup, effectively reducing wear of bearing and belt, generally reducing the mechanical stress of the chain and gear, so that it extends the motor life-cycle.


    Basic principle

    Actually, few motors are always operating at rated condition. Generally, the rated power of the selected standard motor is higher than the maximum requirement of driving load. For this reason, the selected motor is generally beyond the standard. When providing rated voltage, even at full load operation, there is energy-saving space. Although the maximum load is intermittent and the load is much lower in other time, the loads of some applications are always changing, and the selected motor should be able to meet the requirement of maximum loading operation. As the torque generated by motor is proportional to the square of supply voltage, reducing terminal voltage will cause torque decreasing. Actually, reducing terminal voltage is to reduce motor rated output power, meaning that the required magnetic energy is reduced. With this principle, MOTOR C0NTROLIER can keep constant motor efficiency under several conditions.


    Field of application

    MOTOR C0NTROLIER can be applied for energy-saving control of asynchronous induction motor.

    It can be widely applied in various power equipments and processing machinery and the energy-saving effect is more significant for the motors, which operates in continuous changing load condition or is not always operating at full load with constant velocity. Such as stamper, machine tool, milling machine, grinding machine, metal grinding machines, and other metal processing machines; plastic product industry, including granulator, injection moulding machine and others; textile industry, including cheese machine, weaving machine, rotary machines and so on; and other equipments, including transmission equipment, compressors, escalator, elevator, air condition with constant temperature and humidity, vacuum pump and others.


    Key features

    Digital control: full digital control implemented by control circuit with micro-processor;

    Start voltage: Initial start voltage is adjustable from 0 to 40% supply voltage;

    Pulse start: providing voltage level close to that of direct start in a short time;

    Acceleration: Ramp-up time is adjustable from 2 to 80 seconds (to 600 seconds optional);

    Deceleration:Ramp-down time is adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds;

    Final voltage (torque): adjustable supply voltage from 0 to 70%;

    Current limitation: current limitation level is adjustable from 100% to 500% rated current;

    Electrical motor protection: the electrical motor protection implemented by over-load and voltage monitor;

    Auxiliary output: the auxiliary contact with control bypasses contactor;

    Diagnosis: Indicating failure status and information with 32-bit LCD display and 5 LED light;

    Start voltage time: adjustable from 0 to 40 seconds;

    Dual-slope: can be used for two-speed motor or reverse motor control (optional);

    Options: -specification up to 900A, and adapter voltage is up to 1000V;

    -Rapid dynamic braking;

    -speed feedback used for linear acceleration ramp;

    -the case with any IP protection levels;

    -RS-232/485S communication interface;


    Protection features

    Overload: adjustable from 70% to 150% rated current and two time curves (fast and slow).

    Current limitation: start current limitation is adjustable from 100% to 500% rated current.

    Short circuit: when current is greater than 7 times rated current, short circuit release.

    Out of phase: when there is out of phase, it releases.

    Undervoltage/overvoltage: when undervoltage/overvoltage, it releases (optional).

    Wrong phase sequence: phase sequence check.

    Thyristor protection: when thyristor is short circuit, it releases and disconnects the load.

    Over-temperature: when energy-saving equipment is over-temperature, it releases.

    Motor saver – General edition

    MOTOR C0NTROLIER series motor energy-saving equipment product is a new generation motor energy-saving control product. It applies digital control technology based on micro-processor and built-in dedicated energy-saving optimization control software to r
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