Things I’ve Lied About

OK, I admit it. I’m a liar. I’m not always 100% truthful. And since I don’t believe in God and am not a Catholic, I won’t be going to confession any time soon.

So here are my confessions. A list of the things I lie about.

Not reading my messages

If you send me a text, Whatsapp message, Wechat, iMessage. Basically any kind of message that I’ll get a notification for on my phone. Then I’ve read it. Probably less than a minute after it was sent I read it. But will I reply? No, I won’t. Not for an unacceptable length of time anyway. And when I do, I’ll start with ‘sorry, I just saw your message’. Lies.

Missing your call

If you called me and I didn’t pick up and I wasn’t at like a funeral, or a wedding, and my phone wasn’t off. Then I didn’t miss your call. I saw my phone ring and then sat silently frozen in one place until it stopped. Sorry.

Being busy

Because I feel like it’s unacceptable to say ‘sorry I wish I could meet you for drinks, but I’d rather stay home alone and binge watch Netflix while eating myself into a coma’.

About owing money

About the fact that I am probably the reason that all of the loan companies near me are still in business. I methodically make my way down the street and take out as many loans as I can. And I know it’s irresponsible. I just like money! Sue me!

That I’m a vegetarian

I’m not actually sorry about this one. I tell people I’m a vegetarian even though it’s not really true because it’s easier to pretend to have morals about eating animals than it is to explain that I don’t eat meat because I don’t like it.

Turns out I’m pretty antisocial really. I should probably work on that I guess.

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Thx and bye for now…